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Percentage of successful students in the school of 1st Preference

Percentage of successful candidates in the Panhellenic exams

Preference percentage from previous Tutoring

Percentage of students by parent recommendation


    Within the Roula Makri Model Educational Organization I found the ideal guidance but also excellent companions in the difficult journey to happiness. My assistants in this effort were the experienced and always willing to help me teachers, as well as Mrs Makri herself who managed to turn my anguish into knowledge. Additionally, the seminars on dealing with time management the best way possible introduced various innovative methods and their contribution to achieving our goals was absolutely priceless. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart to Ms Makri and my teachers.


    In order to pass second in the Law School of the University of Athens, I started preparing since the First Grade of Senior High School. In these three years of my preparation, Roula Makri Model Educational Organization, was a valuable supporter and mentor towards my success. In any case, the preparation was difficult but the experienced teachers, the scheduling, the support of the school psychologist and the innovative methods of the school led me to the point of knowing the syllabus of the Panhellenic Exams so well that after the Christmas break of that year, it was just a walk in the park for me. Thank you all!


    The real success of Mrs. Makri's school is due not only to the specialized teaching systems but also to the communication and rapport built between students and teachers. Highly-trained and exceptional teachers, specialized in their subject matter, take care of students’ needs by helping with the organization of their studying time and by providing them with various incentives in order to elicit the best possible performance from the student.


English Language Certifications

  • Βράβευση φροντιστηρίου Ρούλα Μακρή ως εταιρίας υψηλής αξιοπιστίας 2021.
  • Λογότυπο TUV Austria, φροντιστήριο Ρούλα Μακρή.
  • Εικόνα 1 education leaders awards, φροντιστήριο Ρούλα Μακρή.
  • Εικόνα Aristotle Certification Training & Assessment, φροντιστήριο Ρούλα Μακρή.